Wheel of Fortune® Tips

How to Play:

Wheel of Fortune plays in three rounds.


  • In the “Toss-Up Round,” letters are slowly revealed. Once you know the answer, press the Solve button to fill in the missing letters. Solve as quickly as possible, as the score for this round decreases with every letter revealed!
  • The “Jackpot Round” presents another puzzle. Spin the Wheel, then choose a consonant. The spun value is added to your pool for each panel revealed. If there are no letters revealed, you lose a turn. When you are ready to solve the puzzle, press the Solve button!
  • The final round is the “Bonus Round.” Once the final puzzle is revealed, the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E are revealed. Pick three more consonants and a vowel to get started.
  • Once the round starts you have 60 seconds, and unlimited tries, to solve the puzzle.

For more information on each round, check out the Wheel of Fortune® FAQ page 


The Free Play Wedge:

Free Play gives you an extra turn to choose a vowel for free, or a consonant (as if you spun $500).


The Wild Card:

The Wild Card can be used to get an extra consonant choice (as if you spun $500), or you can take it to the Bonus Round for an extra consonant there.

pro-tip-1Pro Tip 1:

There are no Bankrupt or Lose a Turn wedges in the Jackpot Round, so no need to Solve the puzzle early. Even if you know the clue, you can keep spinning to maximize your points! 


pro-tip-2Pro Tip 2:

During the Jackpot Round, try to save the larger values prizes for letters you suspect will appear the most.


pro-tip-3Pro Tip 3:

If you’re confident with your score in the Jackpot Round, save your Wild Card for the Bonus Round!