Two Dots Tips

How to Play:

Score points by connecting dots of the same color to clear them from the board. You can connect a path of dots, even if the path turns corners. You can’t connect dots diagonally.

Every Two Dots match contains multiple levels with different obstacles and objectives. Complete the objectives of a level to move on to the next level. If you complete all levels before the timer runs out, you’ll earn a time bonus at the end of the match. You’ll also get a bonus for each level you complete.


The most powerful strategy of Two Dots is to make squares. Connecting dots to form a square will remove all dots of that color from the board. With one color removed from the board, you’ll be set up to make even more squares! When in doubt, make squares.

Plan ahead. Try to make a move that will set you up to make a square on your next move.

Keep a close eye on the objectives at the top of the screen. Focus on clearing the colors needed to finish the objectives.

Be sure to use ALL your power-ups before the match is over. Power-ups are a great way to clear dots and obstacles from the board.

Want more info on specific power-ups and obstacles? Tap any obstacle or power-up icon at the start of a match to view a mini-tutorial.

Pro Tips:




Look for patterns of dots that can be turned into squares on your next move.







Remember to use all of your power-ups! Don’t let them go to waste.





Connect a big square to make a bomb. Among other uses, bombs can destroy anchors.












Stop fire from spreading by clearing dots next to the fire.












One pesky dot in the way? The Eraser is the perfect power-up for you.