Solitaire TriPeaks Tips

How to Play:

The goal of Solitaire TriPeaks is to remove every card from the game board as quickly as possible.

To remove a card, tap any card 1 value higher or lower than the face up card on top of the draw pile. For example, if there’s a 7 on the top of the draw pile both 6’s and 8’s can be removed. Every card you remove is worth at least 100 points, or could be worth more depending on your Streak Meter.


Start a streak by removing multiple cards in a row without tapping the draw pile. Each consecutive card is worth more points during a streak, until you hit Max Streak by removing 5 cards. During Max Streak, each card you remove is worth 200 points!

Wild Card:

In each match you will have 1 Wild Card that can be used at any time to replace your currently drawn card. Wild Cards can be matched with any card except the Shark Card. Using a Wild Card will not break your streak.


  • When deciding between two cards you want to remove, it’s usually best to remove the card that will uncover the greatest number of cards.
  • Using the Wild Card to link two streaks together is usually a good move.
  • When clearing a Bomb or Trap, the card on the top of the draw pile is used up, revealing the card you last removed. A clever player can use this to his or her advantage.


Pro Tip 1:

Bomb, Trap, and Shark Cards can be hidden under other cards. Stay alert!


Pro Tip 2:

Use a Wild Card to extend a MAX STREAK for MAXIMUM points.


Pro Tip 3:

Defuse the Bomb before time runs out. If it explodes, your match is over.