Tetris® Burst Tips


How to Play:

In Tetris® Burst, you earn points by clearing rows of blocks from the Matrix. There are seven different shapes called Tetriminos that fall into the Matrix, one at a time.

As Tetriminos fall, you drop them into place, trying to fit them together to fill rows. Once a row is completely filled, the line is cleared from the Matrix, and points are scored.

There are also two difficulty settings available for each match – easy and hard. The only difference is the speed at which the Tetriminos fall.

See how many points you can score before the timer runs out. If the Tetriminos pile up the top of the Matrix, the game ends early.


  • Tap the Hold area if you want to save the current Tetrimino for later. To release a Tetrimino from Hold, tap on Hold again.
  • In Power-Up Matches, you can fill your Juice Meter to activate the Juice Wave, Double Up, and Mino Shower power-ups! To trigger a power-up, click an active power-up button.
  • Clear multiple lines at once for more points. Clearing four lines at once is called a Tetris™ Line Clear. Earn additional points by performing Combos, Back-to-Backs, and T-Spins.

For more information on each Power-Up and Combo type, check out our FAQ page.


Pro Tip 1:

Perform a Tetris Line Clear by dropping an I-Tetrimino into a deep well, clearing four lines at once and scoring bonus points!


Pro Tip 2:

Remember to tap the Hold Queue to save a Tetrimino for the right time.


Pro Tip 3:

Earn a Back-to-Back bonus when you achieve multiple Tetris Line Clears or T-Spins in a row.