How to Play:

Score points in SCRABBLE by making words with the letters in your rack and the tiles on the board. Words must be at least two letters, must include an existing letter on the board, and can be scored both horizontally and vertically.

After the tiles are placed and score is tallied, the rack is filled with more tiles, and a new turn begins.
You have 5 turns to score as many points as possible. The quicker you finish your match, the bigger your time bonus will be.


  • Using all of the tiles on your rack in one turn is called a Bingo, and is worth an extra 50 points.
  • Don’t be afraid to swap a pile of unusable letters! Remember, your opponents will have the same conundrum.
  • Time is of the essence. To get the best score, play quickly AND well.
  • Be sure to place high value letters on Double and Triple Letter Score spaces.
  • Golden Tiles are your secret weapon – put them on special spaces now, or save them up for a huge word.


Pro Tip 1:

The corners and edges are where the best bonuses are.












Pro Tip 2:

You can get multiple words in one turn. Look for places where your letters can score words both down AND across.