Centipede Tips

How to play:

The goal of Centipede is to earn as many points as possible while fighting off an insect invasion. Each match contains multiple stages with different goals. Complete the goal to move on to the next stage. Complete all stages before time runs out to earn a time bonus.


There’s a time bonus for completing all the stages, but it’s sometimes worth lingering on a stage to maximize points.

Every insect has its own movement patterns. Spiders move diagonally and vertically. Centipedes move side to side. Dragonflies zigzag down. Learn the patterns and anticipate the movements.

Mushrooms force the centipede in certain directions and can be destroyed if you shoot them 4 times. Destroying mushrooms strategically can force the centipede into your line of fire.



Pro Tip 1:

Shooting a spider cocoon will destroy the spider, but award zero points.











Pro Tip 2:

Some bugs, like spiders, are worth more points the closer they are to the bottom of screen.








Pro Tip 3:

Shoot the armor bug to get a shield that can withstand three hits.










Pro Tip 4:

Spiders only move in a single horizontal direction. Once they pass you they won’t turn back.









Pro Tip 5:

Fleas take two shots to kill. They drop faster after the first hit.