Sparcade 1.1 Release Notes


NEW GAME: Centipede®Fire up your lasers for this competitive take on an Atari arcade classic. Check out Centipede Pro Tips for the best strategies to boost your skills.

Coming soon: Two Dots®! Learn more and sign up to be notified by email when it’s live.

  • Push notifications for Friend Challenges: Be sure your notifications are enabled and we’ll let you know the second your friends want to go head-to-head.
  • Unlock Epic Fans more frequently for serious Token-boosting power! Remember — more Fans mean more Tokens with EVERY Daily Bonus.
  • NEW: Transaction history! Thanks so much for your feedback. Now you can easily review all your Token and real-money transactions in one place — just go to the menu, select Account, then Transaction History.

transactionhistory2  transactionhistory1

  • Immediate Refunds for Declined Matches. Friend declined your Challenge? Now your entry fee will be refunded immediately. On to the next opponent!
  • Contact Player Services as a Guest Player. Whether you have questions or feedback, our awesome team is happy to help. Don’t forget, though — when you create an account, you can win real money, save your progress, and get exclusive offers delivered straight to your inbox!
  • Bug fixes! We even zapped a few with our Centipede lasers. Enjoy fewer gameplay interruptions.
  • Coming Soon: New matches for all skill levels in your favorite games.